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Wai Momi Necklace ~ Gold (small shell)

Wai Momi Necklace ~ Gold (small shell)

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The Wai Momi Necklace gets its name from the famous bay found on the south side of Oahu. This bay was once renowned for its wealth of pearl producing oysters and was known by ancient Hawaiian as "Wai Momi," which translates to "water of pearls." We of course know it for different reasons and by a slightly different name: Pearl Harbor.

The Wai Momi Necklace design is ALL about the gorgeous center pearl. And THIS Golden South Sea Pearl is BEYOND STUNNING. It is a nearly perfect specimen with beautiful shape and warm golden iridescent glow.

This incredible pearl could only be paired with equally special shells. So I went to the top shelf, and pulled down my collection of golden vintage pukas. After lots of reading and research, I'm still not exactly sure why pukas turn gold. I do know it takes a verrrrry long time and perfect conditions. So while white pukas are considered rare, gold pukas are ULTRA rare...and these are THE 14 most perfect golden pukas in my collection. Some are pitted with sand, some are not perfectly round, and they are all different shades of gold, but holy smokes, they are special. I look forward to sharing this piece with someone who sees the priceless nature of these one of a kind treasures.

This princess style necklace sits delicately around the collar bone and is a flattering length for all shapes, sizes and necklines.  It is also possible to wear this necklace at a shorter length to accommodate a higher neckline. Play around with the closure or message me for ideas ;)

As I said, these golden vintage shells are few and far between. In my many YEARS of  collecting shells, I have only been able to create two pieces with this golden color scheme. (Check out the Puka Mini Bar Necklace in's another stunner!) The shells are strung on hand twisted 6 ply rope (made from flat waxed polyester thread) in a medium shade of wheat.

The secure and easy to use toggle closure is made with a sliding gold filled bead and a puka. Just slide the gold bead to open or close the loop and slip the puka in or out.

If you decide to wear your necklace at a shorter length, recenter your pukas by moving them one by one along the cord. The outside pukas are meant to hold their place and are drilled with a smaller hole. Therefore they will be the most "stubborn" to move. Apply firm pressure to move them slowly. Don't worry, the necklace is made to handle the abuse!

Details & Dimensions

18 inches end to end

17 inches max adjustment

1.75 inches of strung shell

Pukas range from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch

15 pukas total including closure

24k gold bead and puka closure

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