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Wai Momi Necklace ~ Beachy White

Wai Momi Necklace ~ Beachy White

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The Wai Momi Necklace gets its name from the famous bay found on the south side of Oahu. This bay was once renowned for its wealth of pearl producing oysters and was called by ancient Hawaiians "Wai Momi," which translates to "water of pearls." We of course know it for different reasons and by a slightly different name: Pearl Harbor.

The Wai Momi Necklace design is ALL about the gorgeous center pearl. And THIS exquisite, extra large Edison Pearl is BEYOND STUNNING. It is an incredible specimen, in barely-there peach with a warm iridescent glow.

This incredible pearl highlights ALL the shades of these beautifuly unique pukas. Twelve pukas on each side are arranged perfectly by size, but vary in hue. Beachy whites and pale neutrals make for such a lovely combination. I look forward to sharing this piece with a fellow seaster who loves that easy beachy look and  feel! 

This necklace can be adjusted from 19 inches (max) and shorter, making it a matinee/princess style piece. Everyone can find a flattering length with this beautiful adjustable closure.

The secure and easy to use toggle closure is made with TWO sliding pearl and six miniature pukas. Slide the pearl to open or close the loop and slip the puka adorned ends in or out. You can use the second small pearl (the one one the puka side) to help you set and secure the length. Check out the picture of the closure included in this listing to see my preferred way of securing.

The beautiful collection of ocean treasure is strung on hand braided 3 ply rope (made from flat waxed polyester thread) in a medium wheat. The rope is doubled up on each side, making for two delicate braids that fall on either side of the neck.

If you decide to wear your necklace at a shorter length, recenter your pukas by moving them one by one along the cords. The outside pukas are meant to hold their place and are drilled with a smaller hole. Therefore they will be the most "stubborn" to move. Apply firm pressure to move them slowly. Don't worry, the necklace is made to handle the abuse!

Details & Dimensions

20.5 inches end to end

19 inches max adjustment

3.75 inches of strung shell

Pukas range from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch

30 pukas total including closure

Fresh water pearl and miniature puka closure

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