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Small Kine Choker

Small Kine Choker

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Sometimes the smallest of treasures are the most magical. The Small Kine Choker celebrates the wonder and perfection of these miniature ocean creations. 

Each 15 inch choker features one "perfect small kine" cone shell. Each treasure is strung on hand twisted 4 ply rope cord. The rope material, made from waxed nylon thread, is mermaid friendly and safe to wear on both land and sea. 

The toggle closure is easy to use...just slide the small pearl, slip the miniature puka shell through the toggle loop and slide the pearl once more to secure.

Please not that a 15 inch choker will not fit all. Be sure to measure if you're in doubt. But wait :) The choker can also wrap twice around to wrist, allowing it to be worn as a double wrap bracelet. AND it also makes for a sweet, simple (and durable) keiki necklace. The choice is yours!

There are so many ways to love and celebrate these "small kine" packages :)


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