Puka & Pearl Adjustable Bracelet

Puka & Pearl Adjustable Bracelet

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The design of this adjustable bracelet has been many years in the making and I am delighted to finally be sharing it with you! 

This bracelet will fit any wrist size up to 8 inches. Slide the small pearl to overlap more or less of the rope cord. Position the shell toggle at the center of the overlap. Voila! You have a perfectly fitting bracelet with no need to readjust every time you wear it! Just use the shell toggle closure for easy on and off. No annoying tails or extenders...just a unique design to highlight your one of a kind ocean treasure. 

A pair of colorful lavender pukas and a lustrous lavender Edison pearl are the focus of this piece. They are drilled so that you can positioned and recenter them based on your wrist size, but they will also hold its place on the hand twisted rope cord. 

This is the perfect combination of delicate design and durable details. AND it makes for an excellent gift option for an unknown wrist size. An essential accessory for the everyday mermaid.

To you. From me.


The Sea