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Nui Necklace

Nui Necklace

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There are several sea glass and shell pieces each season that make me gasp at first sight. I save those special nuggets for these necklaces. Nui is THE Hawaiiann means many things including big, great, grand, prime. These are the pieces that I wait all year to find...they are my best finds...and I save them for my most special jewelry pieces. 

White Sea Glass + Puka: 27mm sea glass, 10mm puka, on saddle

Aqua Sea Glass + Puka: 24mm sea glass, 10mm puka, on dark caramel

Pirate Sea Glass + Tahitian Pearl: 25mm sea glass, 11mm pearl, on walnut

Sunrise + Puka: 34mm shell, 12mm puka, on light caramel

Sunrise + Sea Glass: 33mm shell, 12mm sea glass, on light caramel

Sunrise + Tahitian Pearl: 32mm shell, 12mm pearl, on walnut

Miter + Miniature Pearls: 32mm shell, 14 freshwater pearls, on dark caramel

Abbreviated Cone + Keiki: 27mm cone, 10mm keiki, on light caramel

Yellow Cone + Keiki: 29mm cone, 13mm keiki, on dark caramel

Fossilized Shark Tooth + Tahitian Pearl: 17mm tooth, 12mm pearl, on walnut

Lavender Puka +Keiki: 24mm puka, 10mm keiki, on dark caramel

Each beautiful pieces of ocean treasure is suspended on hand twisted 4 ply waxed cord. A sliding pearl makes this necklace adjustable up to 26 inches. At each cord end, small pearls or a collection of puka shells hang delicately down the back - a beautiful and elegant finish to the adjustable closure.

The Nui Necklace is a perfect way to wear a special piece of the sea every day of the year. Dress this necklace up, dress it down, take it to the beach - it is both beachy and sophisticated, elegant and organic and of course ocean safe.

To you. From me.


The Sea

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