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Lō'ihi Puka Lei

Lō'ihi Puka Lei

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If you've ever watched a fashion show you know that a designer will save one piece as a sort of finale. It is the celebratory exclamation point at the end of the collection. It ties everything together and it also stands alone. It is unforgettable. The Lo'ihi Puka Lei is THAT piece amongst my work for 2023. 

Over 10 dozen perfectly polished pukas in shades of white and pale neutrals are lovingly (and painstakingly) arranged from small to large, and strung on hand twisted 4 ply rope (made from flat waxed polyester thread) in an almond shade of medium brown.

The Lō'ihi Puka Lei is named after the active seamount that is currently forming Hawaii's next island. Lō'ihi translates to "long" and is a perfect name for this longline lei.

The functional toggle closure is made with a sliding fresh water pearl and cowrie lip, but you will find that the lei will slip easily over your head without having to use the toggle.

This Lei is truly one of a kind. It is a subtle twist on a classic Hawaiian style. It was an honor to create and I look forward to sharing it with a fellow puka lover.


Details & Dimensions

30 inches end to end

29 inches when clasped

16.5 inches of strung shell

Pukas range from 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch

122 pukas total

Fresh water pearl and cowrie lip closure

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