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Keko Car Charm

Keko Car Charm

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The Keko Car Charm design is getting a fun update for 2023! Ten colorful, unique interesting and imperfect ocean treasures make up each Keko car charm. Strung through a wooden ring, the strands are cinched together with a miniature cone shell and a sliding pearl. Move the pearl up or down to create more or less movement (and sound) from your car charm.

The Keko Car Charm is a approximately 7 inches long and comes with a 4 inch ball chain connector which allows you to easily hang your charm from your rearview mirror. Allow the shells and sea glass to swing and clink together as your drive, and remember to slide the pearl down the strands for a quieter ride :)

Each Keko is a fun and beautiful collection of imperfect shells and sea glass and a celebration of the sea!

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