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Kaya Bracelet

Kaya Bracelet

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At several times during the year, my favorite snorkel spot on Maui turns into a rubble pile. This means that all the shells and coral pieces collect under water in large piles where they roll back and forth together with the movement of the waves. They become smooth and polished, but they also loose their intense colors and bright patterns. Eventually the shells are sucked back out to sea, but a few I have plucked out of the ocean for these perfectly sweet, Kaya Bracelets.

Cone shells are arranged from small (quarter inch) to large (three eights inch) and back again, and separated by 5 telescoping pukas. Shells are strung on hand twisted 6ply waxed rope cord. One fresh water pearl creates the durable and secure, toggle closure.

The Kaya Bracelet is offered in full and half sizes from 6.0 to 7.5. For sizing, I recommend measuring the smallest part of your wrist and adding a half inch to this number. This leaves enough room to work the closure and allows for just little movement. This is only a recommendation! If you prefer a snugger (or looser) fit, you go for it seater!

PLEASE NOTE the size of each bracelet is NOT an end to end measurement.  It is a measurement of the INTERNAL CIRCUMFERENCE of the bracelet.

This piece is substantial, but well balanced. The hint of color in each shell gives this bracelet a beautifully natural and organic quality. These miniature cone shells have undoubtedly seen thousands of waves pass overhead. They have become smooth and muted, soft and subtle, and they radiate the mana of the ocean.


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