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Kahiko Sea Glass Sun Catcher

Kahiko Sea Glass Sun Catcher

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My very favorite sea glass spot on Maui is an old dump which existed some 200 years ago. It is a quiet spot that few know about it. It is hard to get to and difficult to traverse, but the sea glass I find there is like no other I've ever seen. It is incredibly thick with vivid color. They've been beaten up, washed ashore, and pulled back out again 1000s upon 1000s of times. Each piece is incredibly unique and interesting, sometimes oddly shaped...most are not perfect, but if they could talk...oh the stories they would tell!

The Kahiko Sun Catcher ('kahiko' is the Hawaiian word for old, ancient, or antique) is a nod to these unique vintage pieces and their resilient beauty...only achieved by the work of the ocean and the passing of time.

The Kahiko sun catcher measure approximately 5 - 5.75 inches. The ball chain car charm connector (4 inches total) will add another 2 inches in length. The connector is included in your order.

Each Kahiko is made of 4 pieces of chunky, vibrant, surf tumbled sea glass, hand strung on colorful nylon cord. These sun catchers will sparkle brilliantly in bright, indirect, natural light. 

At the end of each Kahiko Sun Catcher is a cone, cowrie, sunrise shell or Swarovski crystal. Shells are collected by either myself, family and friends and are always found empty. We never take live shells.

I see Kahiko as the ultimate reminder that change doesn't happen in a day or a week. Sometimes change takes years...sometimes change takes a lifetime. But when met with patience and perseverance, change is inevitable.

To you. From me.


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