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Kahiko Necklace

Kahiko Necklace

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My very favorite sea glass spot on Maui is an old dump which existed some 200 years ago. It is a quiet spot that few know about it. It is hard to get to and difficult to traverse, but the sea glass I find there is like no other I've ever seen. It is incredibly thick with vivid color. They've been beaten up, washed ashore, and pulled back out again 1000s upon 1000s of times. Each piece is incredibly unique and interesting, sometimes oddly shaped...most are not perfect, but if they could talk...oh the stories they would tell!

The Kahiko Necklace ('kahiko' is the Hawaiian word for old, ancient, or antique) is a nod to these unique vintage pieces and their resilient beauty...only achieved by the work of the ocean and the passing of time.

This necklace can be adjusted from 22 inches (max) and shorter, making it a matinee/princess style piece. Everyone can find a flattering length with this beautiful adjustable closure.

The secure and easy to use toggle closure is made with TWO sliding pearls and six miniature pukas. Slide the pearl to open or close the loop and slip the puka adorned ends in or out. You can use the second small pearl (the one one the puka side) to help you set and secure the length. Check out the picture of the closure included in this listing to see my preferred way of securing.

These beautiful sea glass nuggets are strung on hand braided 3 ply cord (made from flat waxed polyester thread) in a range of warm brown to cool wheat, depending on your selection. The cord is doubled up on each side, making for two delicate braids that fall on either side of the neck.

If you decide to wear your necklace at a shorter length, recenter your sea glass piece by moving it up or down the double braids. The sea glass pieces are meant to stay securely in place, but will slide with a little pressure.

Details & Dimensions

24 inches end to end

22 inches max adjustment

Sea Glass pieces range from 5/8 to 7/8 inch

Fresh water pearl and miniature puka closure

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