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Keiki (Child) Stretch Bracelet

Keiki (Child) Stretch Bracelet

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I have lived on Maui since 2014 and have been an avid beach comber since many decades before that. Finding a cone shell (for me) is the pinnacle of beach combing. For years, I didn't find many...and when I did, it was by pure luck. Then I met a lovely friend...I taught her how to make a sea glass mobile, she brought me a bag of cone shells and told me where to go for more.  

Now I dive for them, though not very deep, and sometimes they are so shallow I am literally snorkeling around people's feet as they stand in the surf! These cone shells have a very unique look...they are as smooth as porcelain, with pastel hues. They are bleached by the sun and sanded by the constant back and forth of the waves. Each one strikes pure joy in my soul when I reach out, pick it up, and turn it over to see that it is infact empty (I never take occupied shells) and stow it in my mesh dive bag. I am so happy to share these perfect pieces of the sea with other shell lovers...

This cone shell bracelet is the perfect everyday accessory for even the smallest mermaid. Durable, beachy and colorful.

One perfectly surf tumbled, hand picked Hawaii cone shell is surrounded by colorful semi precious stones, and at the back, a hand stamped heart charm. Each bracelet is perfectly unique in design and color. Please keep in mind that cone shells, by nature, vary in color and size. The cones used for these bracelets have neutral tones, which include white, cream, gold, brown, pink and lavendar; some cones are speckled, spotted and striped.

This bracelet is strung on 0.7mm stretch cord. Just roll it down over your keiki's hand. These bracelets range from size 5.5-6 (depending on the size of cone shell and beads used), but can fit up to a 6.25 inch wrist thanks to the flexibility of the stretch cord. 

Each bracelet is made to be special and unique, and no two pieces will ever be the same...just like the keiki who wear them.

To you. From me.


The Sea

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