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Moku Bracelet ~ Size 7

Moku Bracelet ~ Size 7

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In the Hawaiian language, 'Moku' has several different meanings including 'broken,' 'pieces' and 'island.' This definition suggests that 'broken' things can still hold value, beauty and importance.

When I find interesting fragments of broken shell, I always wonder where the other pieces are and how long they've been separated. When I collect and admire these small treasures, I can't help but think about we all begin as a part of something else. We move, we marry, we separate, we become our own 'island,' from which other pieces may eventually break away. Our edges, our insides, our unique shape tell our story. Beautiful is not always whole or perfect...beautiful can also be "broken."

These finished bracelet consists of 14-19 colorful, surf tumbled shell and sea glass fragments. These ocean treasures are strung onto the hand knotted macrame cord which is made from bonded nylon thread. One cowrie lip and toggle loop create the secure closure and all the ends are hidden within a small cone shell, giving the bracelet a completely finished look.

Just a reminder…to find your bracelet size: measure the smallest part of your wrist and add AT LEAST 0.25 inches. Add more if you prefer a looser fit. 

This one of a kind piece is special, unique, beautiful, and JOYFUL and there is no piece more perfect for the everyday mermaid.

To you. From me.


The Sea

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