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Ahu Necklace

Ahu Necklace

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In Hawaiian, the word 'ahu' is used to mean a collection, pile, or heap of things, which is just the right name for these unique necklaces.

Many times when I dive for shell and sea glass, it is after a big swell. During swells, large rubble piles are frequently pushed up from deeper ocean depths...this is where the shells collect. They tumble back and forth with each wave and make the most beautiful, soothing sound. I could spend hours searching these rock piles. It is pure heaven.

Eight treasures (ethically sourced from the Hawaiian islands) hang on two ends of 4 ply hand twisted waxed nylon rope. When you move, you will hear them chime together, making the most serenly beachy sound.

Each necklace measures 18 inches from middle to ends. The necklace loop at its largest opens to 31 inches. With the drop of the shells, each piece measures 36 inches, making it a very long opera style necklace.

A small fresh water pearl creates the signature sliding bolo closure. A second miniature pearl acts as a stopped and and can be adjusted to anywhere along the necklace.

(Note that the prototype uses a golden south sea pearl for the sliding closure and has a stationary gold bead at the center back.)


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