Sunrise Shell Necklace (16 inch)
Sunrise Shell Necklace (16 inch)
Sunrise Shell Necklace (16 inch)

Sunrise Shell Necklace (16 inch)

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In my mind, there are few things that are more authentically Hawaiian than the Sunrise Shell. This endemic shell comes in every color of the sunrise (and sunset) - each one unique and a true ocean treasure. They live in deep waters and rarely wash ashore intact. To find a sunrise shell is pure magic, as it is to wear one around your neck.

This beautiful sunrise shell in particular - which is a beautifully bright ombre of daffodil yellow and creamy white with just a touch of salmon - was found on Oahu. It is in pristine condition, still with its "wings." The shell measures 1 inch wide and 1 inche tall.

This gorgeous shell is suspended on hand twisted medium brown rope cord. The cord portion of this necklace measures 16 inches and is not adjustable. The overall drop of the necklace (which includes the sunrise shell) is 18 inches.

The easy to use and secure toggle closure is made from one small pearl and a puka shell. Slide the pearl up and down to open and close the toggle loop. 

This is a perfect way to wear a special piece of Hawaii every day of the year. Dress this necklace up, dress it down, take it to the beach - it is both beachy and sophisticated, elegant and organic.

To you. From me.


The Sea