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Molokini Bracelets ~ Winter 2022

Molokini Bracelets ~ Winter 2022

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This bracelet was inspired by my desire to wear a piece of jewelry, every day, without having to worry about taking it on or off and NEVER thinking twice about its durability. The Molokini bracelet is as tough as it is cute.

Chunky surf tumbled puka shells, vibrant sea glass  and luscious pearls float on hand knotted cord. Molokini translates to "many ties" and is a perfectly fitting name for this bracelet that is made of 200 to 300 knots (depending on size). The secure and easy to use toggle closure with cowrie lip blends into this sweet beachy bracelet. Just move the sliding pearl up and down to open the closure and close it again.

These bracelets are offered in full and half sizes from 6 to 8. For sizing, I recommend measuring the smallest part of your wrist and adding half an inch to this number. This leaves enough room to work the closure and allows for just a little movement.

My personal favorite of all Aloha Shack Bracelets!

To you. From me.


The Sea

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