Molokini Bracelet ~  Puka Ombre (Medium/Large)
Molokini Bracelet ~  Puka Ombre (Medium/Large)

Molokini Bracelet ~ Puka Ombre (Medium/Large)

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If you have been to the south side of Maui, you may be familiar with Molokini...a small crescent shaped volcanic crater that harbors some of the most beautiful snorkeling sights of the island chain. In the Hawaiian language, "Molokini" translates to 'many ties' and is the perfect name for this island inspired bracelet made of (roughly) 200 knots, plus stunning ocean treasures!

Five surf tumbled pukas are arranged in an ombre pattern from muted brown, to deep gold, to speckled white. The spiral macrame bracelet is made with tan color cord. It measures 7 inches at its smallest adjustment and 8 inches at its largest. 

Just a reminder…to find your bracelet size: measure the smallest part of your wrist and add 0.5 inches. Add more if you prefer a looser fit.

A cowrie lip and small sliding pearl create the semi-adjustable toggle closure. To set the size, slide the pearl to overlap more or less of the braided portion of the cord. Recenter the cowrie lip at the middle of the overlap. Voila! You have a perfect fit that doesn't need to be readjusted with each wear!

This one of a kind piece is special, unique, beautiful, and JOYFUL and there is no piece more perfect for the everyday mermaid.

To you. From me.


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